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QLogistics is certified ISO 9001:2008

Logistics services

Vaše zboží, naše starost

In modern warehouse facilities in Brno and Prague we offer you a full range of services:

  • Warehousing
  • Customs Warehousing
  • Order Picking
  • Labeling
  • Re-Packing
  • Palletizing
  • Distribution

We use state of the art warehouse technology and IT solutions.

  • Brno   - 1500m2
  • Praha - 1500m2
Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse

We transport products around the world by road, sea and air, with high quality services at a price you can afford.

Not only the normal conventional goods but also:

  • Temperature Controlled
  • ADR Goods

We guarantee quick and safe transport solutions, door to door with use of the latest modern equipment.

"Last but not least" your goods are tracked with today highly sophisticated technology until they arrive at there destination, to ensure your satisfaction.

QLogistics offer a real solution to your transportation needs!

By Air, Sea or Express

Co nabízíme?

Customs Documents ... we do it for you.

While dealing with the customs authorities in Europe are no longer a major concern, customs services still represent complicated administration.
Our company has rich experience in this field and we provide you with services in this area..

Sea Freight

Cargo to and from Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia or Dubai.

QLogistics will ship your goods to and from all parts of the world.
Not only FCL but also LCL shipments will be on time, there when you need them most.

Our partner for maritime and air transport is a sister company:

JaRo Sea & Air Services s.r.o.
Tuřanka 1314/110
627 00 Brno

JaRo Sea & Air Services s.r.o.

Air Freight

For many years now QLogistics has worked with contacts in Airfreight.

QLogistics provide an Airfreight service from a number of International Airports:


We will find the cheapest and fastest solution to make sure your goods arrive on time.

Express Shipments

Only 3 Kg to Transport? Too expensive to do it by Plane or Groupage truck?
Why not use are Express Services. We deal with a number of express providers and provide a competitive prize.

Special Transport

Always the right solution for you

QLogistics are always looking to find the best transport solutions for our customers.

One of these solutions is "Double Deck Trailers".

Double Deck Trailer Double Deck Trailer Double Deck Trailer Double Deck Trailer Double Deck Trailer Double Deck Trailer

A second floor, which can be taken out, on which you can load 10 000Kg.

Increased carrying capacity and fewer running miles means:

  • Environmental Benefits
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Significant fuel savings

The truck can be loaded from behind or at the side.

We will also arrange transport of oversized loads.

Oversized load
Groupage Shipments

Quickly, reliably and flexibly

These simple keywords are important you the customer.

On fixed days we offer fixed departures to destinations all over Europe, from Istanbul to Glasgow or Cadiz to Helsinki and also Prague, Bratislava or Vienna.

We regard your shipment of 50Kg to 100Kg just as important as a full truck load.

For a competitive price you know exactly when your goods leave the factory and arrive at there destination.

We cooperate with well known, reliable and specially selected partners in many Countries to provide you with the service you deserve.

Groupage lines have been the key to both our customers and are own success.


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